Maximising Profit With Matched Betting

When you have completed several sign up offers, you would need to start making sure you are making a decent return for every offer you go along.

For every sign up that you do, ensure that you are finding decent bets, especially as far as the free bets are concerned.

A qualifying bet should lose a maximum of 5% of the bet amount. So if for example, you are placing a £50 qualifying bet, your total loss should be around £2.50 on the qualifying bet. In some cases, it might be ok to accept a higher loss. This is for instance if you are faced with a bookmaker like Paddy Power who are quick to ban new customers. Remember in matched betting being under the radar with bookmakers is essential. Not because we are doing anything illegal, it is just that we are exploiting their marketing cash and they would rather see us go!

For free bets, you should be targeting to make 80% of the bet amount. So if you have a £50 free bet, your target cash profit on the free bet should be around £40. We do understand that this might not be possible with every single bookmaker, but most of the time, it is realistic to expect a return between 75% and 80% of the total free bet amount. Usually the easiest way to ensure you get the maximum profit on the free bet is to go for higher odds.

Let’s say you are backing and lay a £50 free bet with back odds of 7 and lay odds of 6.9. This will make you a profit of £41.58. If you only back odds of 4 and lay odds of 3.9, your profit will only be £37. It might seem a small difference but it is not when you are doing around 80 offers in total (just the sign-up ones)!

Get value from your free bets – don’t waste them.